Georgia: Government to establish a new consultative body in support of Open Governance Partnership

Georgia has implemented several notable reforms in the framework of the Action Plans since it joined the Open Governance Partnership (OGP) in 2011. In 2016, Georgia became a co-chair of the Partnership and hosted the Fifth Global Summit of OGP in 2018. Nearly 2,200 attendees from 115 countries participated in the event including government officials, international organizations, civil society, academia and media representatives.

Currently, Georgia is implementing the OGP National Action Plan 2018-2019. The most recent commitments are related to public services, labor safety, shelter strategy for homelessness, improving access to court decisions, etc. OGP Action Plans are implemented at the government level engaging the legislative, executive and judiciary powers and recently Municipalities have also been involved in the process.

Due to recent changes, OGP coordination function on the government level has been assigned to the Government Administration. There is an on-going process of establishing a new consultative body under the Government of Georgia. Members of the body will be include high-level government officials, international organizations and CSOs. The main objective of the consultative body is to elaborate OGP Action Plans at government level, as well as to monitor the process. Additionally, the body will coordinate the permanent working group called the OGP Forum. As a positive result of the changes in coordination mechanism, members of the body will be able to participate in decision-making process, thus increasing its legitimacy.

Georgian CSOs are actively engaged in OGP process. From the beginning of 2020, they will provide results of monitoring of the Action Plans and develop recommendations for further improvements.